My goal is to win the Nobel Prize by 2063

I’ve decided. This is what I’m going to do. It’s Nobel Prize or bust! Not because I care about the prize. I mean, it’d be cool and all. But because of what it does: it opens doors. When you have a Nobel Prize, doors open. You get a seat at the conversation. And you get to be part of the big-boy conversations. I want to be part of the big boy conversations and I think a Nobel Prize will be really useful for doing that.

So, as with any good goal, let’s make this SMART:

S = Specific

My goal is to win the Nobel Prize for my work in psychology before the year 2063 (40 years from today). As psychologists can win the prize for both science and economics, I won’t specify in which category I will win it, just that I will win it.

M = Measureable

It’s pass/fail. I’ve either won the prize or I haven’t so this one is easy.

A = Achievable

This is definitely achievable. They give out Nobel Prizes every year so someone has to win them. Why not me?

R = Realistic

Realistic? I think so. All I have to do is demonstrate that my Unified Theory of Cognitive Psychology will change the very basis of our understanding of the human experience and convince the world to use it to solve the millions of problems that plague every part of humanity. Surely it can’t be that hard, right?? 🙂

T = Time-specific

40 years from today. 2063. That’s the goal. That’s the end point.

The rest of this blog will be dedicated to my journey to achieving this goal.

NOTE: One thing to note is that winning this prize isn’t the end point. I don’t hope to get the prize and then dance off into the sunset, never to be heard from or seen again. The prize is the start. That’s when I get to start doing the real work. But it’s a good aiming point for right now.

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